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If you live in a mid-sized city such as Milwaukee or Phoenix, you not only have good options with traditional colleges (e.g., Marquette University or Gateway Community College, respectively), but you also have plenty of options in the area of trade schools and online college degree programs too. Take a look at schools in Milwaukee or Phoenix.

Plus, you always have the option of enrolling in an online degree program. While online programs don't exist for every type of field of study, most majors are represented somewhat with online classes.

But online study isn't for every student either. Some students just learn better in a traditional classroom environment. Some students don't have the dedication to force themselves to go online everyday and work without having the outside influence of a teacher and having to show up in a classroom everyday. Find out more about this type of classes.

Maybe you are thinking about going to a business school and earning your master of business administration degree. Academia has some thoughts on this.


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