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At one time, you had to commute to your local campus every weekday if you wanted to attend college classes. Now, you have another option.

Online courses allow you to complete some coursework by using your computer. These online classes can be a big time-saver, and in some cases, these courses are the only way some students would be able to attend college.

Even community colleges and technical institutes are getting in on this type of teaching. While they certainly aren't as widespread as four-year colleges are, community colleges and trade schools are putting more coursework online now too. talks about this quite a bit. Learn more about these types of online courses.

Some areas of study are more easily translated to web-based classes than others. Math, history, business and information technology are all well-suited to the one-on-one experience of online learning. Some areas, such as design and animation, are more difficult in that the student often needs to use specific software to create projects, software that most students don't own. You can read more about studying design or animation online.

If you're fortunate enough to live in an area that has an assortment of schools, you can take some classes online and attend some classes on campus. Residents of San Francisco and Los Angeles, for example, have the opportunity to do this. You can learn more about attending college in Los Angeles or San Francisco.


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